Crys’Dawna Cusson

Crys’Dawna Cusson, free spirit and all around stellar human.

Crys’Dawna is a risk taker, an artist who paints with purpose. She’s been gracing our social media pages as Bella Renovare by Crys’Dawna for years with her infectious energy and good vibes. She’s mastered a Jack of all trades skill set with painted furniture. From woodworking to beautiful decorative paint finishes, Crys’Dawna has pushed herself to be one of the most knowledgeable and well rounded artists in our industry. “If I’m going to do something, anything, I have to know all the things. My curiosity gets the best of me and the next thing I know I’ve gone down the rabbit hole.”

Crys’Dawna is a rebel with a paint cause to share what she’s learned with the world. Expressing herself through painting and her love of color as art therapy invigorates Crys’Dawna. She’s an inspiration dealer! Influencing others to pick up a brush and experience the beauty of creativity is what motivates her. “Seeing others learn and succeed is what it’s all about. We develop a bond through art. Does it get any cooler than that?”

Watching Crys’Dawna create is a thing of beauty. You can feel her commitment and passion for painted furniture. Constantly experimenting with pushing paint to its limits, she always takes us on a crazy cool artistic adventure. “I never have a solid plan. The magic happens authentically, you learn as you go and I trust the process.”

Bella Renovare

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