We're proud of the thoughtfully created recipe you have in your hands - it's art in a jar."

- Becka, Llewelyn, and Natasha

Hello beautiful people!
Becka, Llewelyn and Natasha here. Just wanted to say thank you for all the love and support we’ve received with Daydream Apothecary. We’ve put an insane amount of time into developing this formula and putting all the pieces together. To say we LOVE this industry is an understatement. With a combined 30+ years painting furniture, it’s reasonable to say it’s our true passion. We’re dreamers, we’re risk takers, and now we’re Daydream Apothecary.

It took a chance meeting, an instant connection, endless hours of evolution, and the rest is history- we developed a paint line. When Anissa agreed to join us on this incredible journey, we knew it was going to be a fearless and magnificent ride. The NEON Revolution was born. (Huge shoutout to this beautiful soul) Anissa WE LOVE YOU, thank you for believing in us. A lot of thought and long nights of 3 way calls went into our brand philosophy and what drives not only us, but our mission for this brand.

Here’s what we came up with.

We created Daydream Apothecary as an alternative, women-owned solution for artists who are inspired to paint. There is no agenda, no boundaries and no expectations — just good vibes for the free spirit inside us all. No matter who you are or where you are in your artistic journey, all you need to get started is some awesome paint and a rad idea.

We’ll supply the paint.

The skies the limit. We now have 3 additional Curating Artist color lines; Coastal by Worn to Whimsy, Botanical by Chloe Kempster and Graffiti Pop by Gray Gardens. Each line beautifully crafted to speak to each artist’s artistic aesthetic and soul.

We’re just getting started! With an additional 7 upcoming color palettes and new inspiring Curating Artists in the works you’re certain to get hooked on Daydream and the inclusive creative ethos we’re bringing to the industry.


Hey, Natasha here!

So ... about me

I’m a Pisces, I like small fluffy dogs, fishing, getting lost in the forest (with a compass, of course), and feeling the rain on my face. I’m not an overly complicated person. Living a relatively simple life is my jam. Traveling and experiencing new places fuel my soul. I’m a bit of a gypsy-like that. Going where the wind takes me has always been my preferred method of emotional, physical, and mental transportation. I’m the epitome of a daydreamer. Art has been my emotional outlet for as long as I can remember. It’s fair to say it’s been successfully therapeutic. Creating is my happy place, be it poetry, creative writing, painting, drawing, pottery, macrame, or basket weaving (don’t judge.) The simplistic nature of working with my hands clears my mind and centers me. The same goes for painting furniture; the creative aspect nurtures my being and makes me feel alive. I’m a beauty seeker and a people lover who, at the end of the day....

really just wants world peace.


Becka Miller fell in love with painting furniture many years ago as a young mother. Money was tight and painting soon became her creative outlet and a way to transform her home. Interior design has always been her first love but once she picked up a paint brush and learned how to paint high end finishes that has now become her forte. Once her kids got older, Becka started a painting and design business she named Miller’s Crossing Design. The business started with a focus on custom furniture and kitchen cabinet painting as well as wall faux finishes. In 2019 Becka was asked to be the designer for a featured property in the Parade of Homes in Cicero, NY. This amazing experience inspired her to open her own Home and Paint Studio now located in Baldwinsville, NY. At this brick and mortar shop Becka and her team teach people how to beautify their homes through paint projects. “Being creative for me is as necessary as water. It makes me feel alive and calms my mind. When I have a paintbrush in my hand I forget everything else. The community of furniture painters has been such a driving force in my life and career,they believed in me when I wasn’t sure I believed in myself. I am very excited to be a partner in Daydream Apothecary where I hope to be an inspiration for others starting on their dreams.”


I am also a Pisces , a daydreamer and really want world peace