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About Us - Natasha

Hey, Natasha here!

So ... about me

I’m a Pisces, I like small fluffy dogs, fishing, getting lost in the forest (with a compass, of course), and feeling the rain on my face. I’m not an overly complicated person. Living a relatively simple life is my jam. Traveling and experiencing new places fuel my soul. I’m a bit of a gypsy-like that. Going where the wind takes me has always been my preferred method of emotional, physical, and mental transportation. I’m the epitome of a daydreamer. Art has been my emotional outlet for as long as I can remember. It’s fair to say it’s been successfully therapeutic. Creating is my happy place, be it poetry, creative writing, painting, drawing, pottery, macrame, or basket weaving (don’t judge.) The simplistic nature of working with my hands clears my mind and centers me. 

really just wants world peace.


About Us - Becka

Becka Miller fell in love with painting furniture many years ago as a young mother. Money was tight, so painting soon became her creative outlet and a way to transform her home. Interior design has always been her first love but once she picked up a paint brush and learned how to paint high end finishes that has now become her forte. Once her kids got older, Becka started a painting and design business she named Miller’s Crossing Design. The business started with a focus on custom furniture and kitchen cabinet painting as well as wall faux finishes. In 2019 Becka was asked to be the designer for a featured property in the Parade of Homes in Cicero, NY. This amazing experience inspired her to open her own Home and Paint Studio now located in Baldwinsville, NY.

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