Chloe Kempster

Chloe Kempster is a highly acclaimed furniture artist. She has been creating truly unique pieces of furniture since 2011. She loves to push creative boundaries and her designs are fun, playful and free spirited. They cover a large range of different era's and styles.

"I don't believe in following trends and prefer to produce completely one off pieces. People will really fall in love with, furniture that you simply can't get anywhere else" - Chloe Kempster

Although you can definitely describe Chloe's taste as eclectic, one thing always remains constant, the passion for quality craftsmanship,  a love for innovative, sustainable design in her signature painterly style.

 You can purchase the Botanical Collection Here 

Botanical Collection

Color Inspiration

"Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams."

Paul Gauguin