Llewellyn Krastev


Llewellyn Krastev has come into her own and carved herself a niche. In Longview, Washington as one of the leading landscape artists in the painted furniture industry. She excels and flourishes in her ability to capture nature’s beauty. When you lay your eyes on one of her spectacular scenery scapes, chances are it will take your breath away. Her ability to move and blend colors into images and give them life is like no other. Llewellyn’s personality and enthusiasm is reflective in her bold yet tranquil subjects. Much of her inspiration is born from personal experience, the ocean, adventures with her husband Nik and two wild blossoming young daughters.


You can view her beautiful work here and check out her online courses  https://www.worntowhimsy.com/

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Written by Jenna Wadsworth O’Connor

Color Inspiration

"Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams."

Paul Gauguin