Leah Rex

We’ve dubbed her the …..
Leah Rex of Leah Noell Design Co.
Leah artistic talent is beyond words, it’s otherworldly! Her artistry is spunky, bold and UNIQUE. She’s the definition of thinking outside of the box. It’s Leah’s visionary process that’s so BOUNDLESS and FREEING! You can often see stylistic art influences in others artwork, but not with Leah! She has magnificently managed to create her own authentic style that’s beyond magical! She’s a beautiful light of positivity that spreads GOOD VIBES effortlessly!
In Leah's own word...

I’m a furniture designer from Griffith, Indiana. 

I love the way that color can transform a piece of furniture, an entire room, and even our moods! My goal is to make the world a more colorful place by breathing new life into finely crafted secondhand furniture with a little paint, a little wax, and a lot of love. 

Forget the poorly-made big-box furniture and invest in something that makes you smile when you walk into the room! Life’s too short not to love where you live.

Color Inspiration

"Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams."

Paul Gauguin