New Beginnings,Revamping your Home for Spring

Susan J Bissonette wrote " An optimist is the human personification of Spring" 

After a long gray winter , spring instantly makes us feel happier , more motivated and excited for change. And if you are anything like me , you want to change up your home and decor . It can be tempting to do a complete interior design overhaul , but just adding a few touches is good place to start . 

My love of flowers in my home designs will never stop , bringing in greenery and color will give you the warm weather vibe we are all craving right now.


Cara from Color Me Creative painted her dining room set with Daydream Apothecary Clay and Chalk  Paints in Hibiscus and Salt Water. Painted Flowers on the buffet , floral fabric on the chairs and flower arrangements placed around the room make this dining room bright and cheery. 

Spring is also the perfect time to bring your space to life with some new paint , whether its furniture , cabinetry or your walls . After quite a few years of grays and neutrals, 2024 is all about color.

Our Botanical Collection  by Chloe Kempster are the perfect palette to spruce up your decor 

Chloe Kempster Design turns a simple piece of furniture into a masterpiece of functional art using Daydream Apothecary paint!  Her imagination has taken the form of abstract flowers, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.  With every brushstroke, Chloe has infused life into her furniture, cultivating a garden of abstract blooms that radiate vibrant energy and creativity. 

  1. Colors used :
  2. Maverick 
  3. Garden of Eden 
  4. Saltwater 
  5. Deadly Nightshade 
  6. Hemingway 
  7. Blooming Lovely 
  8. Blushing Coral 
  9. Ground Control 


Joe Miller of Serendipity Mercantile gave this classic vintage metal chair a beautiful green makeover, adding a touch of life and light to the living space. He used a blend of Medusa and Living Light and added Girl Gang for an accent color. Daydream Paint adheres beautifully to metal and most surfaces with very little prep . If you are going to use our paint outside make sure seal with our non yellowing UV safe topcoat Dream Coat


Beck Miller painted her storefronts doors with  Calm Palm  from the Botanical collection  . Sealed with  Dream Coat . As you brighten up your home, we hope these changes brighten your spirit . 







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Color Inspiration

"Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams."

Paul Gauguin