Might As Well Face It You're Addicted to Color

There is no denying the link between colors and how they inspire emotion . Maybe it's gazing at the blue sky to calm your nerves, or wearing your favorite red dress to feel beautiful . Color is energy we see.  Color attracts attention and it has the power to change your mood and mind, which is why color schemes are an important factor in interior design. Color is everywhere we look and can have a huge influence in style.

Here are some images from rockstar interior designers that have us swooning with their use of color.


Gorgeous Chinoiserie entry way by Zig and Company ( channeling some Daydream Apothecary Mom's Night Out here.) 
This designer knows how to evoke all kinds of emotions with this maximalist design. 


neon yellow chair

A white neutral pallet is sprinkled with bright colors for a minimalist approach to incorporating vibrant hues. Daydream Apothecary Neon Yellow , Soulful of Sunshine might just be the pop of color your home is screaming for. 


Designer Anna Jacobs also known as "The Color Doctor" really knows how to prescribe the right dose of bright. Four Boys Blue by Daydream Apothecary is just what the doctor ordered. 


Are you picking up on the colorful moody vibe? Scotch on the rocks please!

Source Laura Ashley 


This space is colorful and kick ass....enough said

Source Noz Designs Photography by Colin Price Photography 


Coastal Meets Color on an entryway dresser. A mixture of La La Love Ya and Hot Damn Violet by Daydream Apothecary can bring the boat to port.

Source Charleston Blonde



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