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What is Clay and Chalk Artisan Paint 

Paint Hacks - This decorative paint is known for having a matte, almost chalky appearance and is often used for giving furniture and other household items a vintage or rustic appearance. It can be easily distressed or left sleek and smooth and is a great way to add your style anywhere you please. It requires no prep work, brushed quickly on almost any clean, dry surface – even if it’s already painted. Vintage-seekers love using clay and chalk artisan paint over pieces with cracks or detailing, as it adds even more charm to a project.

What are the Benefits of Clay and Chalk Artisan Paint?

Really, what aren’t the benefits? Because of its consistency, there is less drippage than regular paint, and because it is water-based, you can clean brushes with good ol’ soap and water. Once dry, you can customize your project even further by adding a wax or sealant of your choice, meaning one color can look completely different from one piece to the next.


Okay, Great … But How do I Use Your Paint? 

Get Going

Before you begin this paint hack, secure the lid and shake the can in a forward and backward motion ten times. Apply your paint with a brush and let it dry between coats. We recommend two coats for maximum coverage. Once both coats are dry, seal with our water based non- yellowing topcoat , Dream Coat 

Go Further

Our water-based formula has unlimited possibilities for consistency and texture. Create a thick, textured finish by pouring the desired amount into a container and expose it to air for at least 15 minutes — perfect for a rustic, distressed look. For an ultra-smooth, modern finish, thin out the paint by adding water until you reach your desired consistency.

Keep it Up

Make sure your finished project stays in tip-top shape by avoiding harsh chemicals on painted surfaces. Maintain waxed finishes by using chemical-free wipes or a clean, slightly damp cloth. Clean brushes in warm water.


 How to use our Topcoat 


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