How to Use Neons By Anissa

Neons by Anissa are perfect for creating eye-catching furniture designs and canvas art  but  there are a few tricks you need to know to use them correctly 

To help you learn how to give your customs a neon pop, we will break down some of the simple tips and tricks of getting solid and vibrant coverage with neons by Anissa.

Since Daydream Apothecary neon paints are translucent, it's important to apply an even base coat , we have the perfect white that pulls pure and is rich in titanium oxide  called Ground Control . Because Neons are translucent and are not opaque they work best with light colors underneath them. They also are a great highlighter for matching colors (for example, if you're using neon yellow paint, use a standard yellow paint as the base coat).
This rustic cabinet was painted in a standard red and orange chalk paint and then highlighted with Daydream Apothecary Neons Moms Night Out and Sundance .
Even with a Base Coat , you will have to apply several layers of your neon paint to get full coverage, adding Ground Control to NEONS will give you much better coverage . Mix Ground Control with the Neon of your choice , paint it on your piece and let it dry, then go over that color with the neons to brighten it up and give it that pop with a light second coat or or a dry brush effect.  
Ground Control is essential to get a variety of textures with our paint , and when blended with neons it  will give you the prettiest most vibrant pastels you have ever seen.
This Piece by Maisies House is a perfect example of the vibrant pastels that can be created with Neons by Anissa 
You will not get the true effects of Neons if you paint over a dark color , dark colors can muddy neons, but they still produce beautiful darker tones when blended together.
This piece by Girl in Blue Designs was painted in a mixture of black and Hot Damn Violet 
Our Neons are self leveling so water is not needed to smooth it out, however if you want a drippy look you are going to want to use a fine mist sprayer and your base coat needs to be dry . 
Like any chalk or mineral paint our neons dry to a matte finish and will need a topcoat . A water based topcoat like our Dreamcoat  or a furniture wax is recommended.
This piece was painted in Four Boys Blue by Anissa Perry 
Urbane Lifestyle painted this dresser with a blend of Hot Damn Violet, La La Love Ya Four Boys Blue and Soulful of Sunshine.
We know there is a bit of a learning curve with the neons , but we promise  if you give them a try and you see how it brings your furniture finishes to another level , you won't want to run out .. here is the map to our amazing stockist's so you can get these neons in your creative hands . We can't wait to see what you come up with !

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